What is web inspector ios 6

However, there are some changes you should take in consideration:. If you have any luck feel free to comment here. Be careful about the 3. Therefore tools, such as iWebInspector or Weinre will become obsolete since this version. To start a remote inspection session you need to use Safari 6 for desktop. Here comes the bad news: Therefore, only with a Mac OS computer you can make web debugging session on your iOS devices at least officially for now. The new Inspector means that the old JavaScript console is not available anymore.

When talking about native apps, you can only inspect apps that were installed in the device by Xcode your own apps. Therefore, there is no way to inspect Google Chrome on iOS websites for example.

Activate the Debug Console or Web Inspector in Safari for the iPhone

If you are used to the Webkit Inspector -Safari 5 or Chrome-, you are going to see a completely redesign version of the inspector in Safari 6 based on Xcode native development UI. You will be lost for a while understanding the new UI. With the inspector session, you can:. Well done Apple, we were waiting for this on iOS for long time. Apache Cordova users should be also happy with this feature.

However, I must say that Apple is still forgetting about documentation updates and properly communication with web developers. There are almost no answers on the discussion forum, no updates on the Safari documentation some docs are really too old right now. Did you find any other new stuff? Anything else you were waiting for? Feel free to comment in the section below or contact me by twitter. Yes, I undestand that — they are my own.

You are missing the status bar at the top. Awesome, tried the whole weekend to optimize our responsive web app for i5 and finally found your solution. Hey, any idea if inline video is possible as of iOS6? This has been an issue in recent versions: Great post. I have found out that with iOS6 you can also display the keyboard onFocus. When this property is set to YES, the user must explicitly tap the elements in the web view to display the keyboard or other relevant input view for that element.

When set to NO, a focus event on an element causes the input view to be displayed and associated with that element automatically. When I tested matchMedia matches attribute, it works well without keyboard. The minute I close the Inspector window, the page completes loading. This makes the whole refresh process really slow. Is there a fix for this, or am I just doing something wrong?

Alex, that is usually because there is an exception on the code that the debugger is taken care of and then is pausing the whole execution. Is there a way for users to suppress those godawful web app banner prompts? I found the answer to my own question.

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App Contest Sencha Touch 1. If you are a web developer, you are likely very familiar with the tools available to you when debugging a web page or web app in a desktop browser, but how do you debug when developing for a mobile device such as the iPad or iPhone? The answer is that you debug remotely, using the same tool as you would on desktop, except connected to your mobile device.

Fortunately, all is not lost — there are some alternatives available which I will discuss below. Then, you need to enable the Develop menu in Safari on your Mac computer if it is not already enabled.

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  • You can find instructions for setting this up here: I have tested this tool in January and can confirm it is working. There are very few options available to the web developer using Windows, and even fewer for those using Linux. You can find a guide for doing that here. Be aware that this is not a free solution.

    Remote debugging iOS Safari on OS X, Windows and Linux

    In my option, the best solution for debugging Safari on Windows and Linux is to use a really cool web app called JSConsole. To start, go to jsconsole. This will give you a unique session ID and a script tag that you insert into your mobile web page. Now, any console output that your mobile page generates will be streamed to the console open in your desktop web browser, including any errors! On the blog our team post anything interesting they learn about.