Iphone 4s not connecting to wireless network

Your phone's Network Settings contain all kinds of information, including connection data and preferences for cellular and Wi-Fi networks. If one of the Wi-Fi settings is corrupted, it could prevent you from getting on the Wi-Fi network. In this case, the solution is to reset the network settings. Although this deletes some preferences and stored data related to connectivity you may have to ask the owner of the network for the connection data and enter it again , sometimes it's your only option.

To reset your settings:. Your iPhone does a lot of things behind the scenes that are designed to make it useful. This is a nice little bonus, but it can be the cause of your iPhone not being able to connect to a Wi-Fi network. If none of these suggestions have helped so far, turn off this setting. Doing so doesn't stop you from using Wi-Fi, just from using it to improve location awareness. Follow these steps:. If you're still unable to connect to a Wi-Fi network, you may need to take a drastic measure: This deletes everything from the iPhone and returns it to its out-of-the-box pristine condition.

Before you do this, make a complete backup of all the data on your phone. Then, wipe your iPhone clean by following these steps:. When the reset is complete, you'll have a fresh iPhone.

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You can then either set it up as a new iPhone or restore from your backup. Restoring from backup is faster, but you may restore the bug that prevented you from accessing Wi-Fi in the first place, so setting it up from scratch may be best. At this point, if your iPhone still can't connect to Wi-Fi, it may have a hardware problem. Hardware problems are best diagnosed and repaired by Apple or an authorized Apple service provider. Take your iPhone to your nearest Apple Store for a checkup or contact Apple support online for alternatives.

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My iPhone 4s doesn't detect any wifi

Ask a question Reset. The exact cause of iPhone WiFi switch being greyed out is not fully known but is well-documented. There are rumors that the issue is related to iOS 6 and the power-management optimizations introduced with this firmware version. Due to insufficient pre-release testing of iOS 6, WiFi radio chips on iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 — and sometimes — iPhone 5 running this firmware version may overheat. As a consequence to the iOS being able to switch off hardware features on the iPhone, the WiFi chip will automatically be disabled once it overheats.

Once the chip is disabled, the WiFi on your iPhone appears as greyed out.

How to fix iPhone WiFi connectivity issues?

In addition to the WiFi switch being greyed-out, you can also observe the following iPhone behavior:. There are at least two ways which have proven to fix the issue.

Open the Settings app on the iPhone and ensure Airplane Mode is disabled. Finally, restart the iPhone. To restart the iPhone press and hold both the Sleep and Home buttons until you see the iPhone screen go black. Apple also recommends to use iTunes and restore the iPhone. Upgrading your iOS or restoring the iPhone via iTunes.

How to Fix an iPhone That Can't Connect to Wi-Fi

Be sure to backup your iPhone. To learn more about backing up iOS data, please refer to the following page: Backup iPhone Data. According to at least one discussion in the Apple community forums, placing the iPhone in a zipper bag and putting it in a freezer is believed to resolve the problem, albeit temporarily.