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The overall look is therefore more naturalistic, and Scorsese responds with—for him—a kind of rigorous restraint. There are a number of his bravura camera-moves: But mostly the style is subordinated to or overshadowed by, perhaps the frenzied, purposeless activity portrayed onscreen. No spoiler, here, to diminish its impact: Signout Register Sign in.

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Credits Martin Scorsese. In Cinemas 23 January ,.

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The Wolf of Wall Street – Leonardo DiCaprio Speech

Sexy Beast: TV Movie Guide Highlights: The Castle: Here, the movie almost redeems itself, becoming a cautionary tale about the lust for money, drug addiction, and sexual depravity. But when Belfort actually goes to jail, his incarceration ends up becoming a country-club experience.

The Wolf of Wall Street: "I'm on the phone!"

At the end of the movie, he is introduced as "the world's greatest sales trainer. Belfort gets away with his raunchy, illegal, immoral life, and only pays for it with temporary things. His satisfied look at the end of the movie tells audiences that he considers his personal losses worth the temporary glamour, sex, and power he briefly enjoyed.

Review: 'The Wolf of Wall Street' Morally Bankrupt; 5 Horrible Quotes

While a godly person might break down at even the idea of dismissing one wife for another, ratting out his friends, or losing custody of his children, Belfort cares more about satisfying the unquenchable lust that ultimately robs him of all value in his life. While the violence and profanity of "American Hustle" serve a higher purpose — warning audiences about the destruction of corruption — and the sex in "Don Jon" shows how a man can lose the very idea of love by gratifying lust, these elements in "The Wolf of Wall Street" do not support a redeeming overall picture. Below are 5 quotations that showcase the crass, sexual, and profane aspects of the film.

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