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When a roll is executed, the camera spins with the character. The character's arms pump and the length of her steps increase with her gait, and her legs cycle and arms flail during long jumps. In gameplay, the character's momentum becomes an asset. The player must attempt to conserve it through fluidity of physical actions, encouraging the creation of chains of moves.

Certain pipes, ramps, and doors are highlighted in red as Faith approaches, allowing the player to instantly recognize paths and escape routes. The player character can hold weapons, but O'Brien stressed that "this is an action adventure. We're not positioning this as a shooter — the focus isn't on the gun, it's on the person. Completing the game without shooting a single enemy unlocks an achievement for the player.

This introduces an element of strategy in determining when to trade agility for short-term firepower. Along with the campaign mode, Mirror's Edge features a time attack mode, where the player must try to complete one of a set of special maps in the shortest amount of time. Best times can be uploaded to online leaderboards, where players can also download ghosts of other players to compete against. According to producer Tom Ferrer, the time trial portions of Mirror's Edge are "bite-sized and short so you can grind them and play them and get faster and faster.

It's not like playing an entire level. The mobile phone port includes many parkour moves from the PC and console versions, however, the perspective is shifted from first person to third person. The game does not feature cutscenes, and the plot is explained with scrolling text in between levels. Mirror's Edge takes place in a 'utopian' city [15] where life is comfortable and crime almost non-existent. But the city's state of bliss is the achievement of a domineering and totalitarian military regime [16] which monitors all communication , controls the media, spies on its citizens and has policies which include the outright prohibition of smoking and alcohol.

The City also operates show trials and runs on a sham democracy. Eighteen years before the events of the game, they had opened fire on a protest against their rule, killing many civilians. As the story begins the mayoral elections are near and a new candidate, Robert Pope, is challenging the incumbent Mayor Callaghan on a platform of deregulation. According to senior producer Owen O'Brien, "[Mirror's Edge] asks how much of your personal freedom are you willing to give up for a comfortable life.

It's not one girl against this police-state dictatorship. It's more subtle than that. We just don't understand why you don't want to be part of our happy club. Writer Rhianna Pratchett has said that the game's story examined why citizens would accept a life in a society where their personal choices were very limited. It also looked at reasons people might have for attempting to live outside the system and what could result from this. The society portrayed in the game was somewhere between what George Orwell described as an 'anti-utopia' and a Nanny State. The protagonist of Mirror's Edge is year-old Faith Connors voiced by Jules de Jongh , [20] [21] who has a distinctive tattoo around her right eye, imitated by the game's logo.

Her mother was killed during the "November riots"—peaceful protests gone wrong [22] —and Faith ran away from home when she was 16, living a thief's life on the city streets. Faith became a Runner after meeting Mercury or Merc , a former Runner who now trains new hires, sources jobs for them, and provides them with intelligence and radio support while on the job. Faith, after completing a delivery to fellow Runner Celeste, learns that her sister Kate may be in trouble at Pope's office.

When she arrives, she finds Kate standing beside Pope's body, insisting she has been framed for murder and requesting Faith to discover the cause. Faith finds a piece of paper with the name "Icarus" on it in Pope's hand. Kate refuses to flee with Faith, saying it would only make her look guilty, and is arrested. Faith meets Lt. Miller, at Kate's behest, narrowly avoiding arrest.

At the meeting, Ropeburn discovers Faith's presence and attacks her, but Faith gains the upper hand and throws him off the roof. As he is hanging above a long drop, she tries to interrogate Ropeburn, but before he can reveal anything he is killed by an unknown assassin. Lacking other leads, Faith investigates the security firm that has begun aiding the police force in their crackdown of Runners. She finds they are behind "Project Icarus", a program designed to train their forces in parkour style to oppose the Runners, giving them the ability to chase down and eliminate the Runners.

Faith follows the trail of Ropeburn's killer to a boat in port; after chasing the unknown person, Faith discovers the assassin is actually Celeste, who is colluding with Project Icarus to keep herself safe, and Celeste warns Faith to consider the same. The arrival of the police allows Celeste to escape.

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With Kate convicted for Pope's murder, Merc plans a way for Faith to ambush the police convoy transporting her to prison, and Faith helps to free Kate. She gives Kate her comms unit that she and Merc use and tells her that he will guide her back to his hideout. When Faith returns to the hideout, she finds it in ruins, with Merc dying and Kate recaptured. In his dying words, Merc tells Faith that Kate is now at the Shard, which contains Mayor Callaghan's office and the servers that run the city's surveillance systems.

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She gains access to the roof, but Miller was also ambushed while in the security room, abruptly cutting off communications, leaving Miller's status unknown. On the roof, she finds Kate held at gunpoint by Jacknife. Jacknife reveals that he too is part of Project Icarus, and has been part of the plan all along to lure the Runners out of hiding. When Jacknife tries to take Kate onto a waiting helicopter, Faith jumps on before it can leave, knocking Jacknife out of the helicopter to fall to his death but also damaging the helicopter in the process.

Faith helps Kate to escape safely from the falling helicopter. During the end credits , the media reports that Faith's actions have only served to intensify Project Icarus, and Faith and Kate are still wanted for Pope's murder. However, with the surveillance infrastructure damaged, the population is cautioned to avoid using electronic means of communications until their "security" is restored, with the location of Faith and Kate remaining unknown.

Owen O'Brien [15]. Mirror's Edge has a distinct visual style, with the outdoor environments predominantly featuring white and distinctively lacking in green for example, trees and foliage would appear completely white instead of in their natural colours , punctuated by deliberate use of strong primary colours. According to Senior Producer Owen O'Brien, the stylistic choice allows the player to focus on the Runner Vision guidance, as well as serving as a health meter ; the colours become less saturated as Faith starts to take damage.

The new software would accentuate the different art style of Mirror's Edge , by allowing for the reflection of colours as well as light. The reticle serves as an aiming and focal point, preventing dizziness in similar fashion to the dance technique called spotting. Aside from this reticle which can be hidden by the player , no heads-up display exists in the game.


The game includes the SecuROM v7. In September , EA petitioned to have Edge Games' trademarks cancelled, alleging continued threats of legal action. Langdell's company claimed true legal ownership of the phrase "Mirror's Edge" among other variations of "Edge". Buyers who pre-ordered Mirror's Edge at GameCrazy received a code that unlocked a time trial portion of the demo, as well as a Mirror's Edge -themed t-shirt.

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A time trial code was also included in GameStop preorders, along with a yellow "Runner Bag" resembling the messenger bags used in the game. The bag featured the game's logo on the outside, while the inside featured a portrait of Faith. The album was composed by Swedish electronic musician Magnus Birgersson , also known as Solar Fields, [47] who stated that "the music should reflect the environment, the story, the gameplay and Faith's mood" and that the soundtrack is a mixture of electronic and ambient music. Although "Still Alive" is also the name of the closing credits song of game Portal , the two tracks are unrelated.

Play awarded it 9 out of 10, [66] while GameTrailers. Edge gave the game 5 out of 10, stating that the levels felt contrived and that there was no true freedom through the levels, merely multiple preordained paths. Some will be able to overlook the gaping flaws, but others will never appreciate its moments of brilliance, and both positions are justifiable The developers initially projected a total of three million copies of Mirror's Edge to be sold, [75] but in February , Electronic Arts reported sales of over one million.

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Development and release , Mirror's Edge has sold more than two million copies worldwide, with more than , of those copies having been sold in North America. The iPhone -compatible version of the game has sold more than 37, copies. On December 4, , EA announced the creation of seven all-new time trial maps for Mirror's Edge , slated for release in January We deliberately chose a more abstract aesthetic that is still within our distinctive art style and then focused on flow and gameplay to create an experience and challenge very different from the main game.

A side-scrolling browser game interpretation of Mirror's Edge titled Mirror's Edge 2D was released by Electronic Arts in conjunction with independent developer Borne Games. The game is similar to and uses the modified engine of Borne's popular game Fancy Pants Adventures.

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The developer's site states that "the full Mirror's Edge 2D has been released, but we're still in beta. It is a side-scrolling game with 3D graphics, featuring 14 levels and dynamic camera angles, and was scheduled for release in January An iPad version was released on April 1, The game was also ported to Windows Phone in Catalyst [95] which was later confirmed as the game's title the next day on June 9. The art style of Mirror's Edge has been a major inspiration for the implementation of procedural architecture in the open source video game Citybound. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

November 11, AU: November 13, EU: November 14, January 12, AU: January 15, EU: January 16, April 1, EU: September 2, July 13, See also: Faith Connors. The art direction grew out of the gameplay. We wanted to give people a sense of the world very quickly and move through it very quickly.

We initially stripped out all of the colors and then just put in red [to guide people to objectives] I wanted a game where I could look at a screenshot and say, "Hey, that's Mirror's Edge. Main article: Still Alive: The Remixes. Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Retrieved July 15, Retrieved May 8, Retrieved February 4, Archived from the original on July 28, Mirror's Edge ".

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First peek at Mirror's Edge ; don't look down! Ars Technica. February 19, Retrieved October 26, Mirror's Edge time trial mode". Archived from the original on June 6, Retrieved March 9, Retrieved May 12, Retrieved February 16, Retrieved November 9, Asian-themed Video Games". Archived from the original on July 19, Retrieved February 2, Mirror's Edge. Electronic Arts. Retrieved April 3, Chapter 1: Sign up for free now to have your achievements and gaming statistics tracked.

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