Iphone text tone sounds twice

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Samsung Galaxy Core Prime - Text Message Notification Settings | Verizon Wireless

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iPhone Notification Sounds Not Working after iOS 12, How to Fix?

With this in mind, here are couples of common sense steps to take that could easily repair your iPhone's notification sounds. This is always the easiest and straightest way to fix iPhone problems. Just press the power button until you see the slider to turn off your iPhone.

Slide it. Then press the power button until Apple logo shows.

This is an easy fix that can be implemented from your iPhone's Settings menu. Simply go to your settings, and see if the 'Do Not Disturb' indicator is on. If this button is green, simply switch it off. Sometimes the Mute button might be stuck and then the iOS 12 notification sounds not working.

Just flick the mute button on and off for a few times.

How can we help you?

When you're done with this manual reset, make sure that the mute button rests in the 'off' setting. Here are some connection troubleshooting steps and some additional notification troubleshooting steps. This is an iOS issue that occurred after the release of iOS 9 and is outside of our ability to resolve. This may occur when the sender unintentionally sends the same message twice.

It may also occur when you have a poor connection. When this happens, the app cannot properly notify the server that the message has been delivered, so the server resends the notification. The notification troubleshooting article may also help with other issues, such as if your Notification Center is not properly clearing or if your badge count is incorrect.

1. Try Some Basic Troubleshooting