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Can I cancel one of my preexisting lines and just get a new one? When the order ships, buyers cards will be charged. Android or MeeGo or Linux software can be downloaded from any 3rd party e.

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I hope to see a status update today or maybe even a delivery would be even better lol Calgrav24 Just checked UPS, it says intransit on time. Im hoping tmobile is just as good this time! I am waiting for two Note 8s. Petey07 Im stuck in the Apple ecosystem Lol, i have my iPad, my work macbook air and this iphone which Ill be upgrading to the Note 7. Not saying thats what will happen here, but just more of a FYI that just because labels were created, doesnt always mean its about to ship. I just know Im getting a better deal by not.

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My message went from processing since then to out for delivery today! Woo Hoo! I have read on Phandroid and other Android sites that other carriers are getting their Note 8 phones today or later this week: Ive seen where Verizon orders have been shipped and picked up for delivery on the 5th. Hopefully your order will start moving today and you can get it on the 5th or 6th. TMO charged my card today for the phone. It should allow you to unlock it immediately since you wont owe TMo anything for it.

I guess Ill find out come the 14th the date my order confirmation promised delivery. Buckley raw fish yu sheng nataleah hunteryoung download gekijouban bungaku shoujo sub indo mp4 converter versteigerung hamburg hafengeburtstag fix clock tower epic mickey 2 part jogo palmeiras e fluminense dodge girl dna tested madeleine carroll addpac ap courtney mcsweeney spielplan gandersheimer domfestspiele corvette salon de provence fr mairie de noumea acer aspire gg32mn unitforce technologies reviews of windows carl f statz waunakee wisconsin library rudi dutschke speech apraxia diversity your investments top 10 criminals in singapore youtube cho onpa bond era tile mat hp power supply largest water balloon fight seattle bottom metal for savage rifle thien huong food joint stock company vietnamnet 1st class honours ucd day may vay bup be sevgili kombinleri instagram icon chemically gated ion channels function by reference tree peony planting time savoury platters pictures of angels texas sb w documentaire fotograaf nederland sansui g review of systems poor fuel mileage 7.

MEA13 WH MEA14 DG MEA14 GR MEA14 OR MEA14 WH MEA2 DG MEA2 GR MEA2 OR MEA2 WH MEA3 DG MEA3 GR MEA3 OR MEA3 WH MEA4 DG MEA4 GR MEA4 OR MEA4 WH MEA8 DG MEA8 GR MEA8 OR MEA8 WH MEA9 DG MEA9 GR MEA9 OR There might be other codes for which the update is available only OTA at present, I cannot get that list.

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I will update this one as frequently as possible. Last edited by 93tid; at A large group of professionals built the Titanic. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

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Thanks for those '93tid'. Is it possible to find out the Product Code of my N8 without actually going into the Menu or whatever? I assumed it would be shown on the identification lable on the edge of the box, or even on the Invoice, but none of the numbers there seem to start with '05' at all.

Mine actually shows a Product Code of S, which doesn't look anything like any of those shown on your list, unfortunately! Last edited by Montala; at Originally Posted by Montala. Thanks again Originally Posted by dogfox. One of the most annoying things with symbian and nokia is firmware being released for certain codes and others never getting the updates.

Originally Posted by oblivinated. I am no expert on this sort of thing, but it looks as if it does! Have a look at the bottom of this page for further information: I tried, NSS gave me a product read error. Anyone have any luck? In other words, it's not even reading the product code off my N I have already apologised to 93tid in another thread for posting the above link, as apparently NSS doesn't work on the N8 after all, so I will therefore be donning sackcloth and ashes for the rest of the day!

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Originally Posted by buxz If someone says otherwise I wouldn't mind trying it out. Originally Posted by 93tid. It works fine via USB just with the Emulator without having the box. At least for the simpler tasks of changing product code and flashing firmware.

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I also managed to bring back from dead my but I wouldn't want to do that too often. Thread now stickied. Thanks Chris I just knew that there had to be a way to display it, someway or another! I will be checking mine out shortly! My wife has a pink N8. Does it matter which color I choose for Taiwan? Also, how do I pick which group? I can't find any sequence of " My product code is G Software version Thanks for your help. You can only flash the same or higher version FW, you cannot downgrade.

Well, you can with a N8, but that is complicated and not necessary in your case. Thus you should search for version It does not matter which colour you choose, the only difference is in the preloaded phone themes backgrounds, icons, etc.